Mobile Phone chargers to run on water!

Spareone claims to keep your phone charged upto 15 years, which will be commercialised in March, remains charged for up to 15 years if the phone is turned off, and for two months if it is on.What else can you imagine better than these wonderful emerging technologies. But there is more beyond our imagination.

 Swedish group myFC says its water-powered charger can charge mobile phones, a portable fuel cell charger which is slightly larger than a compact camera. One spoonful water is sufficient to run this charger, It could be fresh or sea water. Now you can carry this anywhere and you don't need to hook onto wall. So definitely this will make you tension free and saves time, hey electricity too haha.

"The difference between the energy on a phone and the energy we consume is increasing. We need to charge more often but you don't want to be hooked onto a wall," said myFC chief executive Bjorn Westerholm.

"It could be sea water, fresh water. You need to carry water with you to survive anyway and the PowerTrekk needs just one spoonful, So you can Facebook, email even when you're in the outdoors for hours.
"Our value proposition is that you don't need to go to the grid. You don't need to wait to charge your phone."

This is just wow and is great for emergency, disaster situations.

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