The Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime App: Both for Children and Parents

Today technology comprises a fundamental part of children’s lives and we can hardly find a kid without a smartphone or iPad. Studies show that 69 percent of 2-5 year old kids can use the computer mouse while few children of this age are able to tie their own shoelaces. 58 percent of kids play computer games while only 20 percent can swim. 30 percent of American children are extremely handy with smartphones and tablet apps. Italian tots don’t give up the battle and comprise 44 percent of kids who can make calls. Yeah, today’s kids are experts at using technology.

When little I used to play with Etch-A-Sketch. Now the wheel of technology is rolling from Etch-A-Sketch to smartphone games.The digital age does its best to please children’s interests.

Among the newest favorite apps is the Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime, a collaboration between ustwo and Atomic Antelope. Such a stylish and retro layered app!  The Nursery Rhymes with Storytime is a combination of vintage illustrations and classic stories. I guess parents will be more head over heels for this cool app than the kids themselves.

Interactive and awesome graphics, excellent artwork. This old fashioned app is not only entertaining but it is especially made for children to develop good taste.

Your children will be glad to meet characters like Jack and Jill , Humpy Dumpy, Three Blind Mice and others.
Note that Nursery Rhymes functions without StoryTime and Game Center log in. But for taking further experience in reading with a loved one you will have to activate the StoryTime feature which can be  available on iPad, 3GS and iPhone4. 
This new app feature serves a great hit for those parents who spend plenty of their time away from home enabling them to keep in touch with their children. The parent reads the story meanwhile his/her child plays the app.

So, hurry to gift this magical book to others and own yourself.
P.S. Personally I am against the parents who allow their children to use so much technology. For a kid it is more essential to go out and play in the yard with his/her compeers.  However, if the technology is implemented more properly and beneficially such as for learning enhancement I will be only for it.

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