Silicon Valley Start-Up Seeing Display Technology in New Light

Advances in technology continue to amaze and astound commercial and individual customers,
giving them faster, brighter, stronger, more efficient solutions to everyday problems. But these
advances are not without side-effects and consequences, some of which outweigh the advantages of the advance itself—most notably irreparable damage to the environment.

As a response to this, several companies have developed product alternatives that offer the same performance as their competitors but with the added advantage of being eco-friendly.

One such company is Prysm, a start-up in Silicon Valley that is putting out a new line of display
technology that will consume 75% less energy than other displays, primarily LCD and plasma

Prysm has just announced that they have received funding to begin work on their phosphor display screens, which generate images by firing laser beams at a phosphor-coated glass. The important difference between a phosphor display and other, liquid-based displays is that when the phosphors on the glass are struck by the lasers, they don’t produce heat the way LCD or plasma screens do.

If you’ve ever been in a small room with a large LCD screen, you know how much heat those
screens can release. Now multiply that heat by a thousand, or a hundred thousand, and that
is what commercial venues, such as arenas, have to work against when cooling their facility.
Energy usage sky-rockets.

But with a phosphor display, those commercial customers could save millions of dollars in
energy usage, and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to staying cool,
Prysm’s phosphor screens are also manufactured with environmentally friendly materials, unlike LCD and plasma screens, which almost universally contain mercury and other harmful materials.

It is yet to be seen whether Prysm will be able to compete with the already firmly established
LCD and plasma vendors, but as long as their image quality and price-point remain competitive, the eco-friendly technology will probably attract commercial buyers. We can only hope more companies adopt Prysm’s approach to solving environmental problems while also delivering extraordinary products.

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