28nm AMD HD 7000 Series GPU Information

Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD's(Advanced Micro Devices) graphics division, previews the very first AMD's 28 nanometer GPU expected to be released in late late December 2011 OR Q1 2012.

These HD cards will be direct replacements for the 6000 series, and we hope most of the things like which architecture these new GPU's will be based on, will come out in due time.

28nm technology would be loaded with following features:
  • Low power, bulk CMOS
  • Second generation High-K Metal Gate
  • Ideal for mobile, consumer Internet device applications
  • Transition from 32nm without major redesign assuring lower risk and faster time to market
  • 40% better performance
  • 20% lower power vs 45nm in smaller package.

Brain Food:
A texture mapping unit (TMU) is a component in modern graphics processing units (GPUs), historically it is a separate physical processor. A TMU is able to rotate and resize a bitmap to be placed onto an arbitrary plane of a given 3D object as a texture.


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