How to automatically backup USB drives

Though your pendrive or USB flash drive are kept safe in your pocket, but they're still susceptible to physical damage and breakage from falls, electrostatic discharge and data corruption if a device is removed while data is still being copied.

Better you keep multiple backups of your important data, so try USB Flash Copy - a free utility for Windows PCs that automatically takes backups of your flash drive every time.

It requires NO Installation,

Only 300 KB download
Can make backup default folder
Download Link:

The first time you connect a USB drive, it will take a complete backup of all contents. Thereafter, it only makes small changes to the backup folder - copying only the files that have been changed or added. If you like, you can alter the settings to keep older versions of files too.

And the best part,

If your PC used by multiple people or if you have multiple flash drives, you can create profiles for each device (with different settings). Isn't it awesome fellas! 


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