Boom in the Market of Mobile Applications

India has nearly 370 million mobile users and is expected to grow in the next few years. It has
also been estimated that around 30 million users access mobile internet in Asia. Presently,
India has been recorded as the largest internet users in India. Around 400 mobile subscribers
are there in India and the figure is rapidly increasing. This is why portable applications are
emerging so rapidly with the passage of time. Sectors like banking, FMCG, media are all moving
their business to mobile so that their target audience can easily access the required information.
Mobile has become the most effective form of advertising as it can communicate in a more
contextual way.

According to the research conducted by Gartner it has been estimated that more than $6.2
billion across the globe will purchase Mobile Applications like games, social networking,
and entertainment programs. It has also been assumed that in 2012 mobile apps market will
worth $17.5 billion with downloads of 50 billion becoming the popular alternative to desktop
computers. But the main problem that arises is regarding the revenue share that is being
demanded by the telecom operators in India. Operators do charge 60 to 90% of the revenue that
is generated from the end-users and this ultimately leave a negligible share for the application
developers. Most of the Smartphone users belong to the metros and is mainly concerned to the business people.

While outsourcing the services the clients know the following things:
    •  The customers need not worry about the copyright act. When the third party develops the  applications and delivers to the actual owners along with the rights to change it when required.
    •  The company should fulfill the desired requirements of the clients when the development is being outsourced.
    •  The developer should be technically sound and can communicate with the clients to keep him      updated.
    •  The clients need not worry about the time, money and other resources.
The emergence of different OS for mobiles like android, Symbian, iPhone has changed the
market scenario of development. Mobile Application Development Outsourcing has
been so popular because these apps are easily accessible at an affordable cost from India. These
technologies require high knowledge and skills from the dedicated developers so as to deliver
innovative services to the clients. These developers can easily complete the development even
from the expertise stage who have knowledge and creativity and has also shown its efficiency in
developing new software.

About the author: Satarupa Majumder is a content writer, who is sharing information
regarding Mobile Application Development Outsourcing and Mobile Applications


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