Google Search to Integrate Google+ Post, A Social Search

Google search is integrating Google+ into its search results, now  Google + post will appear in Google search results. It is a combination of search engine and social network, same idea has been tried by Microsoft's Bing with Facebook's like feature, and this requires user to be logged in to Facebook.

Whenever a user publicly shares a link on Google+, Google will start to populate individual users' search results with posts that have been shared publicly by their connections on Google+. 
This new feature will work only when user is signed in to their google accounts.
 Microsoft's Bing has done the same thing.The idea is, if a user posts a note on Google+, Google+ connections are going to be more likely to see this note when they search in Google search engine. It means when your friend posted something say about an computer shop and if you search for computer shop on Google, then you get a review from a friend about a computer shop, saying his connection shared a post about computer shop.

The whole idea is simple as we normaly rely on our friends, so in our search will recieve google search results along with our Google+ friends(connections) recommendation.
Now, up to what extent this implementation will be serviceable would be a point to monitor.

The only point to worry from hightechpost point view is, we people don't post correct links/information all the time and this could lead to junk/bad search result and might affect very best search service of Google.

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