Google Chrome Speech-To-Text, Chrome Toolbox

Google's new of interacting with browser that you can talk to your to them.But that's only possible only if you have google chrome installed and works well for Windows | Mac | Linux.This is feature is functional but yet to be implemented widely and can be checked here: implemented, you can actually talk to your browser.

Do start/pause/stop videos/audio by talking to the browser by clicking on the microphone icon.

You can install this from here:

The Toolbar extension icon apear to the browser after installation, go to options where you can see all the thing that you ever imagine to be in the browser.


Website that are using this API
web2voice will actually give you demo for video pause/play:

So sit back and relax future will soon be implemented. That's reaaly exciting that you just have to say command that your browser will obey.


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