Facebook To Incorporate Skype 5.0 For Video Call

Facebook will soon incorporate Skype 5.0 into their already popular chat options.
As Microsoft is already a shareholder in Facebook, and recently it purchases a Skype too. Skype currently has more 170 million users worldwide, whereas Facebook has over 750 million monthly users.

On 6th July, Facebook announced the partnership with Skype that will add live video chat to the social-networking site - marking the latest step-up in the battle against Google.
During recent days, Google also launched its Google+ service which also has a feature that allows video calls, check hereGoogle-to-incorporate-Skype. The two companies are now locked in a head-to-head technological race.
Which will allow Google and Facebook, both users can have 'face-to-face' conversations with just one click of the button.

How Skype works with Facebook

Its is very easy to use - and as simple as chatting through instant messaging service.
Before getting started you will have to go to Facebook-Videocalling and click the application to allow video calling.You just have to click on video call button to have video call with the person you wish to.This will send a message to the request to the other person, asking for acceptance or rejection of video call.
So friends can do the same as on Skype, with Facebook and most important without authentication.


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