Rockmelt Social Web Browser with key integration and support from Facebook

The launch of RockMelt beta 3 bring the news of integration and support from facebook, largest social network in present time.
RockMelt beta 3 allow users to manage Facebook friend requests, messages and notifications directly in the browser, no need to visit and placements of tools, notifications and icons are similar to facebook which will feel user facebook friendly.Now user can confirm friend requests, compose and reply messages, get the notification for new post and comment to thier posts.
This Beta 3 version adds over 30 features, facebook chat and streamline, support for the Chromium 10 technology, a chat bar at the bottom of the browser window to help users track multiple conversations at once, and new capabilities to search Twitter and view replies, lists and direct messages.
To get the full set of changes to RockMelt beta 3 OR to download: For Rockmelt-Detailed-Info-AND-Free-Setup-Download


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