Upgrade/Degrade Windows Xp Sp easily

Sometimes you install windows and upgrade it to one SP to the higher.
But unfortunately it din't work and returns some error, so here are some easy ways to make way in these conditions.
First you need to confirm which level and version of windows SP(service pack) is installed, that's so easy dear.
Go to Start then Run and type winver:
For your reference, have a look at sample screenshot.

Now when we are cofirmed with the SP level i.e. SP1, SP2 or SP3.
Suppose we upgraded our system to SP3 but not working properly and needs to downgrade.
Then Go to Start, Run and type regedit, which takes you to registry editor of windows.
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then expand it and go to SYSTEM, expand the CurrentControl­Set and go to Control.
Click on Control, on the right side pane where name, type and data is defined for the system's control.
Double click on CSDVersion, if you have SP1 installed, there should be values of 100, 200 for SP2 and 300 for SP3.
Now changing these values will change the sevice pack of the system.


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