Windows 8 Advanced Task Manager Details

There is just the assumption that Microsoft will release Windows 8 in july 2011 OR some say October 2012, But officially yet to be declared.
News for sure is about Windows 8 Task Manager Screenshots are leaked by some of MS developer, well that's good for us that we can have looked at it and aware of behavior or how it is going to be.
The Modern Windows Task Manager will provide even more information on currently running applications, services, processes and resources than it meanwhile does.
The UI uses different colors and decent-looking graphs to indicate CPU consumption, memory usage, etc.
In addition, items are sorted between categories such as System-Critical Programs, Background Programs, and actual Applications.
As we can see below screenshots showing a Dashboard of Advanced Task Manager basic CPU, disk load, memory, and network information graphically.

The second screenshot is another version of the Task Manager, seemingly touch-friendly, showing a list of programs, users, and startup items.

The Modern Task Manager was unlocked by creating the TaskUIEnabled key and setting it to 1 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TaskUI
No clues why two different Task Managers at the moment, Microsoft could be experimenting with diferent versions and Apps.

Extra Dose: Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP after 2014, for the version Vista after the middle of 2017, and It will stop support for the super hit version Windows 7(Released in 2009) after the middle of 2019.


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