Ctrl alt Del History

Control + alt + delete OR CTRL + ALT + DEL for short is very common and the most used key combination for Computers nowadays.
The inventor of the Control + Alt + Delete keystroke combination is David Bradley, and he’s one of the inventors of the original IBM Personal Computer, also the creator of many of Microsoft’s programs.
Earlier it was use to reboot the computers.
According to Bradley, he originated the idea for a keyboard-based shortcut for rebooting a system, and he wanted to a system to reboot itself without power cycling the hardware. It was worry of waiting for the Power-On Self Test (POST) routine to finish during each reboot of his software testing.
It was Control + Alt + Escape. Why was it changed? He later realises it can be done with single hand  so changed it to Control + Alt + Delete.
As the single hand keystroke combination would be easy to accidentally hit with one hand, rebooting the system and losing all of a user’s work.
if U do so, it's a finger salute to windows,LOL!


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