Android Phones Tracking Location

Everyone is crying out that Apple phones is tracking user's, but it's Google's Android phone's doing the same too. Android phones collect location data every few seconds and send back to Google server, whereas Apple receives twice in a day which is been disclosed by Apple in a letter to congress last year.

At the time of set up, you may have seen a form asking for which location services you would like to install.  If U go with Google's location services, then your phone has been tracking you all the time. That's for sure, Ur data isn't used maliciously as data being used for better target advertisements.

The same thing we have discussed at my previous post:internet-can-track-your-physical.So next time when U search for pizza, Ur local Pizza Hut's locations lists U.If U don't wanna track Urself Don't select location service.

For Apple Inc iPhone, go to "settings" and "general." tab, even an individual app's access can be blocked to their location by clicking on "location settings" and scrolling down the list 
of apps. This is for the latest version of the iPhone with OS iOS 4.
The main worry for iPhone is computers that are synchronized with the device are received data unencrypted. But yes we can encrypt this backup from iTune summary.
We are hoping all the Android phones will soon overcome loopholes and provide good data security.


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