Windows Phone 7 with TuneIn Radio

Good News for Windows phone lovers, that there is an addition of a new version of TuneIn Radio from  PALO ALTO, which is the global leader in delivering free local, international and Internet radio.
TuneIn Radio facilitates people to find and listen to live content from over 45,000 local, international and Internet stations on over 150 products.
It updates U with the local and national news, sports, entertainment and music.
More than 4 million iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Samsung owners are reported to have downloaded and installed TuneIn on their devices in less than a year. This tells the success story of TuneIn Radio and User can easily connect TuneIn by visiting TuneIn blog.

Few More Features:
  • A directory of more than 45,000 AM/FM
  • Online Radio stations and podcast airing in 140 countries
  • Brodcasting with 55 different languages
  • Unique Search Technology
  • Enables users to search for music and programs by the names of artists or on-air personalities. 
  • Search with specific songs, station call letters and genre too.
  • Automatic detection of local radio stations 
  • Display whats on air in real time using the phone's GPS and WiFi capabilities.

Download Link:
TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone Free App
Note: Select Ur Supported Mobile Devices and proceed


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