IE 9.0 Beta Version Release

On Monday 14 March 2011 Microsoft has announced an IE 9.0 release as its major upgrade to the web browser. New Web browser includes site-specific jump lists, task bar shortcuts, a new layout and a unified search and address bar extending the browser's compatibility with modern Web technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3.
Lets have a look at features :
  • Single Search Bar and URL bar 
  • Much faster using JavaScript.
  • Accelerated graphics rendering using Direct2D
  • Improved security with built in dedicated download manager
  • Accelerated video rendering using Media Foundation
  • Available for download in 30 languages.
  • Integrated search functionality, users don’t have to remember the full web address.
  • Add-on Performance Advisor tells users if an add-on is slowing down the browser 
  • Add-on which slower the performance, Performance Advisor suggest the solution for it.
  • The New Tab page also gives suggestions and information to help users decide what to browse next.
  • Easy to Use with integrated Windows 7 navigation, such as Jump Lists, Aero Snap, tear-off tabs, and thumbnail controls.
  • Atttractive with the support of HTML 5 and CSS3, easy to use,
  • Internet Explorer 9 blocked 99% of malware downloads,if we compare it to IE8 it was an 85% passing grade,
  • By comparison, the same research showed that Chrome 6, Firefox 3.6 and Safari 5 scored 6%, 19% and 11%, respectively.
  • Smart-screen Filter integrates scans into the new Download Manager.
  • Download Reputation to remove unnecessary warnings for well-known files. 
  • Download Manager that notifies malicious files and allows U to pause and restart download.
System requirements for IE9 are Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008. Windows XP is not supported. This is a beta version and user's and developer's all are curious with the Beta version, hope Microsoft gives them experience it promised.

Extra Dose : IE9 is the most energy-efficient of the major browsers in the market.


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