New Technology In Car Alcohol Detection Systems

"Dont Drink And Drive" is the quote adopted by  New Technology,
The New Technology will put the brakes on drunk drivers, Researchers are working on Driver Alcohol Detection Systems in Massachusetts.
Either it analyses the driver's breath or the driver's skin through touch-based sensors on places like the steering wheel or door locks.
0.08 blood alcohol content is Legal limit and will allow driver to start the car.
Though Technology would not be mandated, but would be optional for manufacturers to include and  but will definetlly saves many lives.
Nissan is coming too with this new concept car filled with alcohol-detection sensors. The  sensors will check a person’s odors, sweat, and driver.
Awareness to see if they are capable of driving their car. If they’re not affected by alcohal, the car will allow to start else locks up the ignition system ,thereby preventing the driver from getting on the road.
So Hope to see it sooner guys!


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