New Search Engine Blekko Uses Slashtags

Blekko search engine founded by Rich Skrenta,
Blekko uses 'Slashtags', and is a vertical search engine  that lets you search specific area of interest where as google is horizontal that lets you search anything.

Blekko Example :
If U type Global Warming/tech/date
Blekko returns u result for subject Global Warming for technology oriented website in sorted order.

Slashtags lets U slash in the sites U want and slash out the sites U dont
Blekko hates spamm, click on the spamm button and that link will be removed out of Ur result forever.

Search ranking data is directly available to everyone, just click on the SEO button below the link.

The search engine also includes an SEO page for individual search results, the ability to comment on a particular site, and even the search result site's IP address, just by hovering the mouse over the link.
So Slash the WEB.


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