New Image Format By Google 40 % Reduction In File Size

To make Internet more faster and loading pages in lesser time,Google plans use a new image format  the WebP, these images are lighter than JPEGs.

It gives U a file size reduction by an average of 39 percent, without affecting its quality.
Visit Google gallery page that puts JPEGs and converted WebP sample images side by side to compare . After having look at these sample images, found NO degradation of quality.

As 65 % of web traffic comprises of images, definitely WebP would make the web faster.

One can adjust the degree of compression. So, a U can choose the trade-off between file size and image quality.

Five brainiacs worked on this format , three out of them are Indians. The WebP format works with Google's Chrome browser. And since it is an open-source project, others would be able to provide compatibility to this format without having to pay a royalty fee.


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