So here is a new BROWSER ROCKMEIT..
RockMeIt is a new cross-platform web browser.
Marc Andreessen, who co-founde Netscape, is a lead investor in RockMelt, a new browser backed by his Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm
The Freshest browser is about to launch soon in market by called RockMeIt ,lead by Marc Andreessen, who co-founded Netscape.
RockMelt is available now in a limited beta release at the company's home page,
RockMelt integrates more closely with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other Web services than traditional Web browsers.
By integrating with Facebook, RockMelt makes Facebook chat, sharing videos and other Facebook activities directly available regardless of where you browse on the Web.
The tagline is "Your Browser. Re-Imagined,"
  • Share Easily
  • Search Faster
  • Connect With Friends
  • Keep Up On News

"RockMelt uses the Chromium open source project used in Google, Apple for starting Web-Kit, and Facebook and Twitter for their APIs, help and support," 


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