Advantage of an Android 2.2 :

  1. Android platform is an open source, it means that development of the OS will continue at a fast pace. Google is looking to build open source platforms, so that every device manufacturer is free to add some of their own code on top of the OS. This means a HTC Android may behave very differently from a Motorola or a Samsung.
  2. Great integration with Google Maps and other location-based services.
  3. Tight integration with Google Voice means the mobile phone can easily be made a component of a unified business communications unified business communications strategy. It also means the enterprise can make easy use of lower-cost calling options.
  4. Apps that run on Android 2.1 don’t necessarily run on 1.6 and, even more problematic, every device manufacturer is free to add some of their own code on top of the OS. This means a Motorola Android may behave very differently from an HTC or a Samsung
  5. Just-in-time compiler is two to five times faster than Android 2.1.
  6. Rapid OS update cycle leads to quicker fixes and resolution to issues,”
  7. Google claims that the new V8 JavaScript engine is two to three times quicker than previous versions of Android
  8. Android 2.2 has an “auto-update” and “update all” options. With just the check of a box or the press of a button, the device’s applications are brought up to date.
  9. From Developer’s point of view fantastic feature is crash reporting. If an application gets glitchy and crashes, the user can submit a report, so that developers can read via the Android Market Web site.
  10. FroYo runtime performance is 2 to 5x faster than previous versions of the Android platform. You can disable JIT optimization within the application’s Android Manifest file. The Android browser is also noticeably faster due to its V8 JavaScript engine, resulting in a 2 to 3x boost in performance compared to Android 2.1’s browser.
  11. FroYo delivers USB tethering (The connection of a personal computer to a mobile phone so as to obtain wireless Internet access from the PC) and the ability to turn your Android device into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. 
  12. With Froyo, you will be able to access the magnetometer, accelerometer, speech to text, and even the App Market-within the browser. Flash 10.1 and AIR support were also confirmed
  13. The addition of Flash 10.1 and AIR support in the Android 2.2 platform just caused the number of “applications” available to Android users to go from tens of thousands (native apps) to millions (all the Flash-based apps)
  • App Widgets and other plug-in style application customization support
  • Voice command and text-to-speech support
  • Support for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions
  • Specialized device configurations like “night,” “car,” and “desk” modes


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