HCP Flaw in Windows, Update Registry ASAP

Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 needs to update their registry ASAP.
There is critical bug recently made public in the Help and Support center by Microsoft,
The problem has to do with the way HCP:// links are processed. Normal website links, of course, use HTTP, HCP links are used by the Help and Support Center (helpctr.exe).
If the bug is exploited, a bad guy can run software or commands on your computer, as if they were you.

Current Fix involves:
Backup system before making any chaenges with the registry, microsoft tool has been provided to this link:Fix this problem
It will ask you for downloading a file, Not that it matters much, but the Microsoft Fix it program does not rename the HCP registry key, nor does it delete it. Instead it deletes the sub-keys under HCP in the registry.

"enable" refers to disabling the HCP protocol and "disable" option will be needed in the future after Microsoft fixes the underlying problem.
If you are the one who never uses Help and Support center at all,  leave the HCP protocol disabled forever.


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