How to make an executable file in Windows 7

When it is in .exe form no one will be able to change look or modify the code.

NOTE:It will make it to a self extraction thing but it will still act like a exe
This is how you make it to a .exe

Goto to
Start Run and type iexpress


  1. click create new self extraction then next
  2. click extract files and run an installation command and click next
  3. type what you want to name the files (ex. hello,virus,fake game hack) then click next
  4. click no prompt then next
  5. license agreement unless you want to put one click do not display license
  6. package files(most important) click add then choose your .bat file(also does .vbs files) then click next
  7. under install program choose your .bat or .vbs file and click next(don't worry about the other one)
  8. show window pick one and click next
  9. finished message pick one and click next
  10. click browse and type the name of it and save to desktop or C: then next
  11. configure restart just click no restart and then next
  12. just click don't save then next
  13. their click next and watchyour file change into something better
  14. when its done click finish and check out your new file
Please note; only necessary steps has been shown below. For other options just click next.
how to create an exe file in windows 7

how to create an exe file in windows 7, more steps

how to create an exe file in windows 7, successfully created exe file


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