Kickstarter Printers That Your Business Needs!

If your business relies on being able to respond to the client’s needs and has a strong development brand to promote, you probably already have some 3D printers in place. These are incredible appliances and some of the functions available are truly exceptional. However, as with all high-tech products there are a few drawbacks. The main issue with 3D printing at the moment is the high cost of these machines and the other problem is that many of the more efficient models are simply not that easy to operate. In fact many of them look a little too fundamental to grace the floors of a modern office space. Anyway, we have unearthed a treasure chest of possibilities over at the kickstarter website. Please see what you think of these 2 beauties and maybe you can get yourselves a slice of something pretty special, before the rest of your competitors get to hear about them!

If you were looking for some inspiration regarding the possibilities of installing an attractive and versatile 3D printer in your home, school or workplace, look no further! RAPPY is a fantastic example of what can be created with a little intelligent thinking and a lot of technical know-how. This bad boy comes to you at an entry level price and has lots of features that much higher priced models seem to lack. Instead of a stepper motor, RAPPY has a DC motor and this is partially why the cost is so reasonable in comparison. The DC element is far more energy efficient and can also offer dynamic characters with ease. It also employs a feedback control system that self-corrects any errors in the system just as a robotic appliance would do. The unit itself looks very attractive and would look great in any environment, and you can’t say that about the majority of 3D printers on the current market. The feedback control system allows RAPPY to deal with disturbance rejection and this can resist external shocks as well internal mis-tracking issues. We’d advise you to take a closer look at the link and you’ll soon see why we rate this 3D printer so highly.

No matter how awesome your 3D printer happens to be, the variables of the surrounding area can often cause a real problem for the sensitive equipment needed to power the printer. SO how about having a very specifically engineered case surrounding your rather delicate 3D power plant?  The Maker Kase has been made especially for this purpose and it really does the job in a superb manner.With the bespoke lighting and STC heating unit, you have a really cool cabinet that would not look out of place in any arena. The cabinet deals with venting issues and has so many optional extras that we’d never fit them all into this article. Instead we would love it if you could check out the link and see if this is the missing piece in your 3D printing puzzle.


Well, on the basis of these 2 exceptional projects, we would say that you should take your printing shopping list over to Kickstarter as soon as possible.

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The author of this post, Nancy Baker, works at Papersavers, providers of leading shredder services in Toronto. An audiophile, Nancy likes to listen to artists and music from different genres. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Turn Your Next Flight Into a Breeze With These Smartphone Apps

If you feel as if you are taking your life in your hands each time that you have to take a flight, perhaps you could find some solace in this article. We know that for some individuals, air travel is anything but invigorating, in fact it can be downright terrifying and that is a real shame. It has been proven that air travel is safer than crossing the street, yet these facts do not seem to make it any easier. So how about employing some technology into this troublesome equation and looking at a bit of relaxation at the same time? We have found 2 very slick applications from your favourite platforms that are designed to chill you out to the max whatever it is that you are doing. We are convinced that you can find some much needed solace within these silky soundtracks and hope that you can try at least one of these during and before your next flight.

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. So, if you haven’t already heard about Juju & Jordash, now is the time to start! These guys are musical geniuses who really know how to provide the best chilling soundtracks for the times when you simply need to tune out for a few hours. The liquid visuals that are provided by Paul Skawanski are just as relaxing and when you combine the two, you are in for a real treat. The music is generated in such a way that it never ends and the loops are so slick that you will pretty quickly start to relax whether you like it or not. We would definitely suggest that you download this puppy before your next flight and you make even need a wakeup call after the plane has landed!

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 6.0 or later for smooth running. If you are interested in some really atmospheric tunes that combine with some really cool rotating shapes, this will be right up your street or flight path! Whilst you are kicking back to the almost hypnotic sounds of Ecclesia, you can use the touchscreen to rotate the shapes as you wish. Although this is essentially a post-religious dichotomy, the non-believers out there will enjoy the overall experience just as much. Church music has been around since, well, since forever, and this latest exponent certainly brings us all up to date with a really cool product. If you have a thing for delicate and dense melodies combined with forward-driving electronic magic, you’ll fall in love with Ecclesia. We would suggest that you don’t use this application until you actually get on the plane because you just may relax so much that you miss the flight!

Ready To Board?

We believe that either of these pair will certainly make your flying experience anything but stressful- Enjoy!
Author Bio:

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for, Park n Jet, leaders in airport parking in Seatac. She enjoys listening to music and learning how to play musical instruments in her free time. You can get in touch with Nancy @Nancy_Baker_.

Why Your Business Could Benefit From an App

This article shows why a business can benefit from creating an app, even if they are not in the mobile/technology industries.

Why Your Business Could Benefit From an App?

Want to bring your company up to speed and launch yourself into the modern age? Then perhaps what you need is an app that will mark your business out as being forward thinking while creating a lot of new opportunities at the same time.

Think that your company can't benefit from an app? Chances are that you're simply not thinking about it creatively enough. There are plenty of things that you can achieve with a good app, it's just a matter of seeing the opportunities. Read on and we'll look at some ways that you can use an app in your organisation and some compelling reasons to look into building one.

For Your Employees
Here is the first mistake that many company executives make about apps – they think about them only in terms of commercial use. In other words, many companies will think of apps as things they sell or give away as downloads, whereas they actually can be highly useful in-house.
Many companies these days develop specific in-house software for their employees to work and this allows them to provide tailored features that are uniquely beneficial to their workflow. Using an app you can accomplish the same thing, but in a more accessible package that your staff can take on the road and use on their familiar touch-screen devices.

For Marketing
Another benefit of using apps is that they can be useful for promoting your business – particularly if you give away free downloads. Tens of thousands of new users buy Android and iOS devices every day, so creating apps with your branding is a great way to get noticed.

The best way to do this is to create a useful free app with your company name on that people will use every day. This then gives you a great platform to push your products and services while at the same time strengthening your brand's visibility and value.

An Additional Revenue Stream
That's not to say though that apps can't be useful for the old-fashioned business model of selling. If you have a useful idea for an app that ties into the general ethos of your business, then this is a great way to bring in some more side-income that you can use to help you weather difficult dry spells and to afford larger projects.

Enhancing Your Service
Alternatively you can use an app to improve your service, or to sweeten the deal for another product you're selling.

For instance, imagine that you are providing a consultation service – the right app could give your clients an easy way to contact you and to look up case studies. Providing a delivery service? How about an app that lets your clients track parcels and see where precisely they are on the delivery route. Selling a toy? How about an app that provides information on the toy's fictional character biography?

There are countless reasons to develop an app for your business then, whether you are an IT company or in any other industry. Time to start getting creative!

Author Bio Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, mbc, reputable providers of managed IT in Markham. She likes to practice yoga to stay healthy and fit. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

5 Apps That Simplify Watching Internet TV On Your iPhone

In spite of the fact that your iPhone’s screen can’t compare to the 60-inch smart TV you have installed in your home theater room, sometimes it’s the perfect gadget to get your ‘viewingfix’. iPhones are portable, convenient and you always carry one with you; not to mention that with the right app and subscription, you can be certain to never miss your favorite show regardless of where you are. Let’s review some of the best iPhone apps you can download to turn your device into a mini-TV.

If you already subscribed to HBO Go via your cable service provider, then the good news is that you don’t have to pay anything extra to watch network premium content on the go. The app comes with an attractive interface that is easy to use: after logging in with your cable provider account, you can immediately use the app’s several browsing options to find your favorite shows, movies, documentaries or comedy specials. If you know what you’re looking for, you can utilize the search function to find your favorite content. In case you’re not sure about what you want to watch, then check out the featured content page.

Hulu Plus

Offering a solid and extensive library, Hulu Plus is more than a mere iOS version of the popular Hulu website. For starters, unlike the parent site it, doesn’t integrate Adobe Flash, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. In addition, it includes considerably more new episodes and full-season runs than Hulu. The app is very well designed and provides you with numerous ways to sort out your content through the library. Moreover, the streaming is crisp even when you use WiFi and above decent on 3G.

Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime works in a similar manner to HBO Go. To be more precise, if you have a subscription to a premium pay-TV channel, then you can log in and start watching your favorite shows. It is necessary to mention that the app won’t work with just any internet connection and your cable provider must be included in the app’s list. While this is a big setback, customers who can log in have an impressive app at their disposal, featuring a sleek interface, lots of content and the possibility to view their favorite shows at their own pace and time.

T-Mobile TV

If you want to be able to watch TV on your iPhone and you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, then you should try the provider’s mobile TV app. Even though the offers start at $5.99 for a basic pack, you should know that T-Mobile grants a 30-days free trial for the service, more than enough time to decided whether you’re satisfied with the quality of the stream and content.


Designed by giant cable provider Comcast, XFINITY TV allows you to watch TV stations that you already have in your package. Unlike the other apps in this list, XFINITY TV allows you to download content for offline viewing, provided you have free space on your mobile, of course. Moreover, it allows you to control your DVR and access the On Demand options via WiFi.

Author Bio:
The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for VMedia Inc., leading IPTV providers in Canada. She loves to play the guitar and is huge Mackle Moore fan. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Best Day Planner Apps for your easy days!!

Any tolerable measured occasion will oblige a little guard of skillful staff to organize it. Obviously nowadays we are all normal to accomplish more with less plan. So how would you make your occasion run as easily as could reasonably be expected without using excessively? Actually, in the wake of heading over a few occasion administration apps, we've figured out how to trim down the agenda. Below are 5 key apps that can help in organizing occasions and have an easy days after.

Super planner - Howard Givner - ios

Super Planner gives a mixed bag of arranging apparatuses, incorporating mini-computers for venue limit, staffing, cooking, organizing, projection and move floor, and functional tips in some ranges. Its key characteristics incorporate nourishment and drink, varying media and venue limit. This would unquestionably be of extraordinary worth for anybody attempting to make a sprinkle in the industry or actually for one-clocks. For $9.99, you can't happen with this application.

Weigh in Easy - ios, Android and Online

Weighing in visitors has never been this simple. Basically transfer your Excel record and you're great to go. Its novel ticket innovation lets planners send an email with an exceptional scanner tag to their visitors so they could be checked in at the entryway with any tablet or cell phone. This application can truly help get your visitors in as fast as could reasonably be expected with no irritates.

ILeads - Bartizan Connects - ios

The tradeshow business most generally utilized cell phone based lead recovery. Manufacture a more stupendous pipeline of qualified leads, all went down and synched on a safe site. Catch deals heads anyplace, whenever by entering an insignia ID # or by checking a QR code, if present. Remember that if QR codes are not printed on name brands, checking won't be accessible.

CardMunch - LinkedIn - ios

Take a photograph of any business card through this application and smoothly transform those business contacts into LinkedIn associations. Effortlessly see LinkedIn profile data incorporating work history and shared associations. This application is fabulous for actively present people of any systems administration occasion on the grounds that it minimizes the measure of time needed for accompany ups.

Zwoor Event HD - Android and ios

Make occasion materials, for example, logbooks, speaker bios, venue logistics and exhibitor information accessible on your gadget, on the web, logged off, whenever and anyplace right at your fingertips. You should simply enter the gathering code. It has never been this simple to get joined. With everything streamlined, you can center all the more on the undertaking nearby and give your customers the best occasion ever.

However there are popular mobile applications which most people use and they tend to be useful as an advancement in technology. Through the use of phone system direct, below are the mobile apps that are mostly used.
1. Avast Mobile Backup wherein you can back up your files which has an antivirus feature so your phone will be virus free while backing up your data.
2. Mobile Maps - type of mobile application that makes you locate places easily.
3. Astrid - is a task management software which will helps management users' tasks with its reminder settings.

5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Massage Therapy Website

As a massage therapist, you know how crucial it is to have an online prescience. Your own website will attract new clients, build your income and promote your services. The great news is that making your own website is free, quick and easy. The folks over at have even done the hard work for you. They listed the 7 best online website builders that let you create your own website for free. To save you a click, they ranked ‘Google Sites’ as the best free way of creating websites. If you have a Google account, there’s nothing stopping you. Or is there?

The Problem With ‘Free’
The vast majority of free massage therapist websites receive no visitors. Free websites have awkward domain names, limited access and bland templates that look the same as millions of others. Many therapists just like you struggle to attract any new clients to their free sites. Here are five little-known factors that could affect your site. How many are you aware of?

#1. Does Your Site Have An Appointment Calendar?
As a therapist, your website needs to convert visitors into clients. If your website doesn’t have an appointment calendar, why will visitors stay? Calendars let your clients book and pay online yet they aren't a feature of most free websites. Consider paying to upgrade your site to include calendars. You can save time, reduce ‘no-shows’ and pamper your customers with a convenient booking experience.

#2. Do You Have An Image Library?
Getting high-quality photos, images, vectors and videos on your site can be a real challenge. You can take your own pictures but then your site looks unprofessional and lacks credibility. You can buy royalty-free media but this can become expensive. If you rely on free images, your customers may have seen them before. One reason to consider upgrading your site is that you gain access to an image library of professional photos. You can use these on your site to suite your personal taste.

#3. Do You Offer Gift Certificates?
Many free sites do not offer gift certificates, yet research by the
University of Michigan shows that certificates have a huge impact on visitors’ engagement with the websites they visit. Researchers also pointed towards the appeal of cash as a major reason why visitors completed surveys. If your existing website doesn't allow your clients to redeem gift certificates or print money-off coupons for your services, you are missing out. It’s worth upgrading your site, or switching to a provider that lets you offer these incentives. 

#4. Do You Have A Blog?
Blogs are great for informing your existing clients, attracting new clients and boosting your search engine rankings. If your website lacks a blog, it will be harder for clients to find you. Consider upgrading your site to one that allows a blog.

#5. What Search Engine Optimization Are You Doing?
If the answer is little, or none, you aren't alone. Many therapists do not realize the importance of SEO in terms of getting their website on the first page of a search engine’s results page. Therapists who switch to a turn-key massage therapist website find that they receive more visitors and book more clients thanks to built-in SEO assistance.

Author Bio

The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Bodysite Builder, a website for massage therapists. She is a tech and health enthusiast and she likes to keep herself updated with the latest trends. You can also follow her on Twitter @NancyBaker.

5 Horror Movies Plots That Current Technology Would Ruin

Most of us are never going to combat psychopaths or deal with ghosts haunting our home. Though they probably won't ever face these or other dangers, people get a kick out of the adrenaline rush of horror cinema. But have you ever considered how so many of these macabre situations could be prevented? Why is it that these characters never get cell service? And why does no one have new flashlight batteries? Here are five terror-infused movies where the plot wouldn’t fly in today’s tech-savvy setting:

The Ring

The Ring features teenagers inexplicably dying seven days after watching a mysterious tape. That’s right, I said “tape,” as in VHS. Not even hipsters keep these things around. If this plot-line were current, this haunted dinosaur would stay buried at Goodwill. 

Funny Games

In this 1997 home invasion meta-horror piece, two young men wreak psychological havoc on a family on their own turf. With a note of impending doom, the captors knock the house phone into a full sink. But if this were 2013? There are three cell phones in this house, baby. These boys won’t last long in jail.

One Hour Photo

In an uncharacteristic role, Robin Williams plays Sy, a lonely photo developer who obsesses over a happy family and, eventually, gets much too involved with a camera and a knife. Not much explanation is needed here though – when was the last time you took your film to the store for development? Sy’s probably out of a job.


Spielberg’s 1982 horror hall-of-famer is sometimes considered the evil twin of E.T. Of course, technology certainly doesn’t make ghostly possessions obsolete, but however the evil gets in your house now, it’s probably not from the snowy static on your TV. Digital cable and Netflix just aren't as darkly foreboding. 

The Strangers

The most chilling element of this film is the antagonists’ lack of motive when a couple is tortured in a vacation home by masked, you guessed it, strangers. However, high-tech security companies like Vivint home security would hamper these killers in a huge way. Faced with automated door locks, video surveillance, and a plethora of other safety features, these strangers would likely go knocking elsewhere. 

Sometimes it’s a burden to be tied down to your cell, and we may gripe about how technology seems to run our lives, but when it comes to ghosts, killers, and little girls crawling out of the TV, we can definitely be thankful for modern gadgets. Next time you curl up in your home in a little town like Frederick, MD to watch a horror flick, just remember that thanks to modern devices, many of the potential dangers of the past have been eliminated while new ones have developed.

How to Make a Computer More Accessible for the Immobile

Using a computer is a potential blessing for anyone who is struggling with their mobility. When you are bed bound and unable to move freely, a computer with an internet connection can provide a window on the world and allow you to see things and speak to people that would otherwise be possible. Of course though there is a big problem with this idea: that being that many people who are immobile will be unable to use a computer: either because they never learned, or because they are no longer able to use one due to their immobility.

But the great thing about technology today is that it is more universal and more accessible than it has ever been before. With the right tweaks and the right understanding it’s possible for almost anyone to interact with a computer. If you want to give someone in your life that window on the world, then read on to find out how you might be able to do that.


The first thing to consider is that a large desktop computer is unlikely to be suitable for most people who are bed-ridden. If you need a hoist to even get out of bed, then you are going to want a computer that you can use in bed.
But don’t think that this necessarily means any laptop will do – as laptops can actually be surprisingly awkward and cumbersome. Not only are laptops very heavy if you need to lift them with one hand, but they are also prone to getting hot and don’t have the longest battery life always. This makes something like a tablet that can easily be carried with one hand and which will last for 10 hours or more a much more viable option. Likewise netbooks and ultrabooks will at least be a lot easier to lift with one hand and to fit onto a bed without burning your legs.

Other important points to consider are things like the size of the screen and even how easy to use the power chord/on switch is. A long power chord is also important. It’s also worth considering whether a keyboard input or touch-screen input would be preferable in these circumstances.

Setting up the computer can also make a big difference and there are a lot of different ways you can customise a typical PC or tablet to be more user-friendly for someone that would traditionally have difficulty accessing one. On a PC for instance you can increase the size of text, you can set up annotations and you can increase the contrast among other things to make getting around easier. iOS and Android devices have similar settings, and with Android you can even replace the main launcher with much more accessible alternatives so that all apps can easily be accessed.

Most important of all though is to spend time setting up your friend or family member and teaching them how to get around on the computer The time you put in will make all the difference so don’t think that just buying the device will be enough on its own!

Author Bio:
Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Molift, a leading hoists and spare parts website. She takes keen interest in auto racing and enjoys playing billiards. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Did I Hear You Mention Kitchen DIY? Not Without These Smartphone Apps!

If you are brave enough to take on a whole kitchen DIY project on your lonesome, you deserve a round of applause. In fact it would be fair to say that you probably really know what you are doing, or at least you should do. Tackling a kitchen remodelling job is far harder than any other room in the house, except perhaps for the bathroom. But did you know that you might actually find a little expert help in the shape of your favourite Smartphone Apps? Yes, they have an App exactly for this job, and in fact there are a bunch of them. We’ve found a few of the latest ones here and offer an unbiased review for your perusal.

Mark On Call By M.O.C Interior Designer LLC

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 4.3 or later for smooth running. Okay, who exactly is Mark and why the heck is he on call? These are two very pertinent questions that deserve an answer. Well, Mark is the chap who developed this very cool DIY App, Mark Lewiston to be precise. He has assimilated a complete DIY ‘Bible’ that certainly covers most of the tasks you will need when doing that problematic kitchen of yours. In fact you can pretty much take care of the whole of your home with this fabulous piece of kit on your side. Mark on Call will help you to calculate those tricky dimensions and has a host of room design ideas onboard. Shopping lists and inventories are all covered as well as a myriad of ‘HowTo’s’, this App has the lot. Just don’t be surprised if you end up doing the bathroom as well, we’ve warned you!

The Kitchen & Bath Channel By Z promotion & design Inc

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. This bad boy App will sort out your kitchen woes and is kind enough to offer some help for your poor old bathroom as well! There is no doubt that tackling your kitchen was never going to be easy but many of us seem to forget this fact. Instead of stumbling on until the inevitable happens, why not grab this App from the ‘getgo’ and show that room who the boss really is? There are more than 15000 contributions from professional kitchen remodellersonboard, surely one of them has the solution for your own dilemma? You’ll get hundreds of ‘HowTo’ videos with a really clear set of instructions for each clip, and the DIY disaster remedy section will be right up your street. We’re not suggesting that you will fail miserably without this clever little application, but you’ll cut down those odds by a fair chunk with this beauty on your side.

Kitchen 0 Apps 2
Okay, you’ve got 2 killer Apps and that kitchen does not stand a chance so get back in there and show it who’s the boss!

Author Bio:
This article is authored by Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Tri State Stone, a natural stone company. Nancy is passionate about gardening and maintains the garden at her home whenever she gets time. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

It's Time To Accessorize Your iPhone With Some Of The Coolest Skins!

When you buy a smartphone, it is highly likely that you will become aware of just how many they are in the market, it doesn't matter whether it is an iPhone or a Samsung, they are just everywhere. This is not a bad thing but a testimony of how important and essential these devices have become. It is also important to show you that indeed they are as good as the commercial says they are.

The smart revolution has necessitated the natural rise in accessories to enable you to differentiate your phone from other phones so apt are the accessories that they come in all sizes, designs and for different uses.
There are cases you can use to make your phone even more appealing; they come in varieties such as bedazzled, plastic colored, woven and other designs. Of course, they come in different colors to help them stand out from any 'normal' iPhone or Samsung to 'your' iPhone or Samsung. The only similarity is their size because they are designed to fit the phone like a glove.

This article looks at the cases available for the Samsung S3 and the iPhone 5, both very popular devices in the market. As such, they are expensive and need to be protected. The cases out there give you the best outcome in situations where you could have written your phone off, for example if it falls from the kitchen counter to the floor; the cases give you hope that it is going to make it.
Other cases come out strongly and ensure that your phone can withstand even water in case it falls into the water. There are many types of cases but this article takes a look on a few.
Why should you use a case?

These phone are expensive, they need to be protected, if need be insured against accidental falls that could lead to cracked screens and broken body kits. The loss that this could lead to is insurmountable especially when you have a sentimental attachment to your phone. To avoid such losses, it is advisable to invest in a hard case such as rhinestone cases for iPhone 5 or other varieties designed to shield your phone and reduce the impact of the fall.
Some amazing types of cases

Rhinestone cases for iPhone 5
These cases fit in with a lifestyle of bling and shiny backs on your iPhone. They look classy and enable you to look up market and they show the worth you have placed on your phone. They are available in many colors and can fit your personality just fine. They are suitable for everyone from children to adults but especially women who love the bedazzle effect on most of their things.

Body Glove Tactic case
As mentioned earlier, you need a case that will fit your phone like a glove, it will hold it together and avoid any breakages when your hone falls down or has pressure applied to it. This is the case for you; it fits the Samsung S3 well and makes the grip on your phone firmer. It reduces the shock and impact on the phone in case it falls or some weight is placed on it. It is cut to ensure that the USB port, the camera, the headphone and the power buttons are accessible through the case.

D. Bramante 1928 Leather WalletD
This is another casing for the S3; it is the first leather casing of its kind that provides a flip cover, which completely covers the screen protecting it from anything that might scratch it. This cover however is only suited for people who travel a lot because it involves putting your phone into the cover and therefore restricts the usage since you have to remove it in order to use it.

The Griffin Survivor case
This case is the mother of all cases; it is shatter proof, and is built to cover the whole phone from external damage and breakage. It engulfs your iPhone 5 and covers every inch with a flap to cover the screen and it protects the device from other elements such as dust, water, rain, gravel and any other particles that might harm your phone. It could be expensive when you hear the price but its value to your phone exceeds any comparisons.

Author Bio:
Nancy Baker, today’s featured author, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, a professional electronic accessories supplier. When she isn’t working, she can be seen playing a game of chess and scrabble with her friends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

WakeyWakey Rise And Shine - Sipping Your Way Through The Most Handy Morning Smartphone Apps

Are you a Coffee Lover? Are you someone who can't start their day without sipping their way through the most aromatic brew? If so, it just so happens there are a number of coffee-related smartphone apps that can help you get your day started in the right way. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a handful of coffee apps... and if you fancy it - just add some cream and sugar.


The CoffeeGuru app gives you a database of almost 7,000 coffee houses found in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. However, this isn't an app for finding the big coffee house chains, but more for those of you looking for an eloquent and tasty independent coffee shop. You can search for your favourite coffee retreat based on the name, city, state or province or postcode. This app has also received rave reviews from various trusted sources and was also named as's "Gizmodo app of the day".


This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and is intended to help the user produce cafe-quality coffees each and every time. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to produce your favourite coffee recipes. The app contains a wide range of HD videos with demonstrations, which will soon have you serving coffee like an expert. You will also find a glossary of useful terms, as well as various tips on selecting and grinding coffee beans to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

Great Coffee App

The app was developed with the help of an experienced coffee barista. You will find 16 of the most popular coffee recipes, as well as many interesting facts about coffee. You will be taken through every fact and figure about the coffee world, taking you from a beginner coffee lover to a real expert. There are some beautiful graphics to work your way through, as well as some music to soothe you while you enjoy your tasty cup of coffee.


The Beanhunter app lists over 8,000 coffee shops from around the world. Once again, this app doesn't focus so much of the big chains, but smaller, independent coffee shops that are bound to tickle your taste buds. If you love the taste of coffee this is a great app to have while you travel to different regions and countries around the globe. The app provides a social aspect as well, and you can share you experiences of various coffee houses and also read real reviews left by others.

Instant Barista Pro

The excellent app will teach you all you need to know about coffee, tea and espresso. There are a total of 75 classic drinks that you will typically find in coffee shops around the world, as well as 10 secret recipes. These include basic coffee house drinks, hot teas and herbal teas, as well as some very cool iced beverages. You also have the ability to share recipes and ideas with Facebook community through this app.

Author Bio:

Nancy Baker is an enthusiastic freelance blogger, currently writing for Carlini Coffee Company.She has written several articles on the nuances of coffee packaging and roasting. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

6 Different Ways That You Can Speed Up Your Business Broadband

Currently, many businesses across the nation are demanding for a faster and better broadband connectivity, and your business cannot afford not to. Today, countless businesses are using broadband to expand their clientele base, maximize growth opportunities and enhance their bottom line profits. Many of them are achieving this by email marketing, holding video-linked meetings, delivering customer services and conducting training. But all these tasks often require businesses to have a high speed internet connectivity to sail through all these. If you are yet to do so, you should try to make your broadband faster so that you can enjoy the benefits to the fullest. Here are some of the steps you can take to make your broadband faster:

Update your firmware:

Ensure that you have installed the latest drivers and firmware in your modem, router and network adaptor. Many communication hardware companies are continuously enhancing the software inside these devices, and avail the updates as soon as they are complete. Examine manuals of your hardware and determine how to upgrade to the new firmware.

Normally, it involves going to the website of the company, downloading it and then configuring it in your modem or router. However, it is best to hire a professional to do this work so that it is done properly. Failure to use the right software or going wrong in any step of the process can damage your hardware beyond use.
Try tuning your software:

At times, your broadband might be slow because you have not tuned your software properly. If you are still using Windows XP in your business computers, you need to tune your software to enjoy faster speeds. When Microsoft was first developing XP, broadband was still a dream. The OS was optimized for dial-up modems only. Subsequent updates have proved useful but sometimes the OS acts up.
You can use a broad range of network-tuning tools to tune your XP software to enjoy great speeds. For instance, if you are using Firefox browser, you can utilize FireTune. Other kinds of operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7, 8, and Linux have been designed to work with high-speed connections.

Tune the access points:

Many businesses are within cities. While this is good for business, it might not be so great for Internet connections. For instance, you may have realized that you enjoy faster Internet when connecting to your broadband directly without using wireless networking.
This is because there are many Wi-Fi connections nearby that interrupt your wireless signal. However, since using a wireless connection is much more convenient, you prefer this to connecting directly to your broadband. The good news is that you can increase your speeds by changing the channel of your wireless network.

Unplug other equipment as much as possible:

Most modern equipment generate plenty of electrical current at the same frequency as DLS uses to send data, when functioning normally and when they have minor unnoticeable faults.
Whether at home or in the office try to unplug as many electrical appliances as possible including microwaves, radios, televisions and even the printer. If speeds improve, plug everything back together one by one until you find the one causing the problem.

Clean your machine:

According to experts, the majority of all network slowdowns are due to unwanted malware, software and adware, which take up resources to perform tasks you are do not need and are not aware about. Hence, you should aim to clean your machine as regular as possible using antivirus.
You can also use other software tools to run speed test online and how to fix them. Keep your antivirus and software up to date and scan anything before you allow it into your network. It is also important to clean you hardware regularly may be after a few months to ensure everything is running efficiently.

Talk to your Internet service provider:

If you have tried everything but nothing seems to work, you can always contact your Internet service provider and request them to run some tests. You do not need to experience a breakdown to get in touch with them. Your ISP will be happy to assist you in any way they can. With just the click of a button, you ISP will run tests on both ends of the line and pinpoint where the problem is on the network, and then fix it.

Today’s feature writer, Nancy Baker, is an active blogger who enjoys sharing her insight on tech related topics online. She writes for Connexus, a company providing broadband services to Australian businesses. She enjoys unwinding at the beach during her leisure time. You can follow her on Twitter @Nancy_Baker.

The 5 Hottest High Tech Pool Toys for Kids

When your child has finished learning to swim with, he or she will want to play around in the home or community pool with some exciting new toys. Of course, you could rely on the old standards, such as squirt guns, water rockets, squishy balls, and diving rings. However, why not reward your little one's swimming accomplishments with a slightly more high tech offering? Here are five fun new high tech pool toys available to entertain little swimmers today:
The 5 Hottest High Tech Pool Toys For Kids

1. Swimline Hot Shot Radio Control Racing Boat

At under $20, this high tech pool toy will give any gadget-happy boy hours of amusement. The simplistic trigger makes it easy for even young children to operate, and your son or daughter can have this boat speeding across the surface of the family pool in no time.

2. Submorpher Pool Toys by Swimway

If your kids love high tech robots, they'll be thrilled by these blue or black submorphers, which turn into submarines in the pool. They're kid powered rather than battery powered, so all it takes is a little effort and an ounce of imagination to set them gliding through the pool.

3. Light Up Inflatable Beach Ball

Everyone loves to play volleyball in the pool, but why not make the game even more exciting with a little added technology? Light up beach balls are activated upon impact, use LED lights, and can be purchased for under $10.

4. Diving Games

Tired of those old diving rings that drop like led to the bottom of the pool and just sit there, waiting to be fetched? Now you can get battery-powered, watertight toys that add an extra element of fun to this old-fashioned game with timers, count-down alarms, and other cool features. You can also hunt for diving toys in the dark by following only sounds and vibrations. 

5. Happy Fish Plastic Sea Robot 

This creative, electronic pool toy emulates a real live fish. Just submerge the robot fish in the pool, and it will begin to swim. It can run for up to thirty minutes at a time, with occasional five minute rests in between stints. Your kids will enjoy chasing it around the pool, and the adventure will give them a bit of extra exercise.

Your children can both have fun and stay safe while swimming. Just provide them with an exciting new toy, and be sure to consult's Parent Guidebook for safe, successful swimming.

Cheap iPhone 5 Cases for better Protection

iPhone being the best Smartphone in the market is most sought after in the market of Smartphones. Along with the best services provided by Apple the cost for an iPhone is equally higher than other phones. Therefore it is advisable to get your iPhone a protective case that can keep it undamaged and maintain its sleek appearance. If you are an iPhone user and thinking of buying a cheap iPhone 5 cases you might as well get completely informed about the features and necessities of a case or cover from Handgiftbox. Here is a summary of all types of iPhone cases available in the market.

Three forms of cases are prominently available for iPhone. The material, that the cases are made up of differ from one another. They are either composed of leather, soft thermoplastic or silicon. They are available in a number of styles and trendy appearances. A convenient way to buy these cases is to buy them at one of the many online stores that have a variations as well as good quality. Some of the online stores offer authorized Apple accessories and also have great options.
Let us have a look at the features of the cases individually!
Leather cases for iPhone:
If you wish for a strong and sturdy cover for your iPhone you can most definitely think of buying a leather case. There are quite a number of leather cases available in the market that are not only durable but also have a stylish look to them. Though being made out leather they do not fail to give a classy feel to your iPhone. These leather covers are the most popular among all the iPhone users for their protecting qualities.
The Soft thermoplastic cases for iPhone:
Thermoplastic basically is a strong material that is tough and sturdy. The cases and covers composed of this material are shock proof and this is why thermoplastic is a material that has created a buzz in the cases for Smartphones. Those made up of thermoplastic are slim in their design and have a feel of rubber to them. These are best used for their non-slippery quality and therefore the possibility of your phone falling out from your hand is almost negligible. The thermoplastic cases therefore become the best protectors for the iPhone.
Silicon cases for iPhone:

The silicon cases are more popular with iPhone 4 models. These are comfortable for their hold and offer complete protection to your iPhone by inhibiting any scratches appearing on your iPhone screen. These cases cover the body of your phone leaving the screen open for you to use. If you also wish to protect the screen a film is available along with the cover that is almost transparent but does not fail to provide the necessary protection.

All these iPhone cases are available on the internet with discounts that you can avail and get the most suitable case for your iPhone. You can look up the authorized online Apple store or Amazon for reliable and durable choices.

Disable frequent location setting on iOS 7 - Privacy Commissioner Urges Users!

Users go any buy a smart phone and then they start using it! Does the story end there? No! How many of the luxurious users of iPhone are aware of how they use their iPhone and what all is happening in the background? Upgraded to iOS7 operating system? If you have then you might know about the frequent location setting that is present in the iOS7. How many of you know precisely what is does and what are the breezes and boons of it?

The privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian from Ontario urges the iOS7 users to disable the frequent location settings. If you are wondering why then here is the reason. Although Cavoukian doesn't demand a permanent disabling of frequent location, she insists that the user disable this option when location detection is not necessary.

Disable frequent location setting on iOS 7
Frequent location settings in iOS 7 gathers the most frequently checked-in locations and stores in on your iPhone or iPad. If you feel this is common and that there are no problems at all in this then you are probably wrong. The working principle of the frequent location settings is as follows;   
  • When the frequent location setting is on then the iOS gathers your location and stores. It stores the precise location and how much time you are in it.
  • It also stores which route you take generally to reach your destination.
  • It stores how frequently you visit certain place.
While the clear advantages of this setting is that the iPhone will have all the details of your frequently visited places so that you can get easier and better traffic updates without much ado and also get easy check-in via Foursquare or Face book.

On the contrary the setting can know about you completely. IT can know your house address, work addresses, your favorite restaurant and even the route you take daily. Isn’t that creepy like having a stalker in your pocket? At least stalker may forget few things but the frequent location setting wont. Although the information will stay in your device and won’t be sent to Apple without your permission still it’s creepy since a stalker or harmful individual could gather your full details by simply hacking your phone.

Although Apple claims that there is nothing wrong or spooky about this frequency setting concept the privacy commissioner urges all the iOS 7 users to disable the frequent location setting when not needed for instance when you are in office, home, commuting between office and home, etc.

To disable the frequency location setting you need to follow these simple steps:
1.      Open the Settings application from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad device.
2.      Tap “Privacy” option present in it.
3.      Tap “Location Services” from the privacy menu.
4.      Tap “System Services” inside the location services.
5.      Towards the bottom there is an option call “Frequent Locations” tap it and slither the closure to the off position.

Although Apple is not the only corporation that uses location still the frequent location settings being enabled by default is little creepy and disadvantageous. Any user with access to your iOS device can download your location history. Hence delete the location history whenever you don’t need the history.

Although the frequent location history is beneficial it is in the users hands that how much it is effectively used and how much careful you are while using it. Thus, as the privacy commissioner urges disable the frequent location settings when not in use.

Author Bio:

This useful content is contributed by Sienna Amelia, directed at technology people. She an iOS developer in Contus has been involved in researching all about iPhone strategies. She always share mobile technology-related subjects to make readers learn and share knowledge. Follow  Author: Sienna Amelia on Google+.

Six Great Gadgets to Help Your Small Business Run More Efficiently

Running a small business can be tough. Most business owners need all the help they can get. One way to make your operation more efficient is by investing in useful technology. Below is a list of six gadgets that can help make your small business run more efficiently.

1. A Portable Scanner

Portable scanner
Bulky scanners take up a lot of space and are tied to a single location. One way to increase your business’s efficiency is to purchase a portable scanner. You will be able to immediately scan paperwork no matter where you are.

2. An Envelope Printer

Preparing and sending out mail can take a lot of time. One thing every business owner should have is a quality smallbusiness envelope printer. It will allow you to print out your envelopes extremely quickly and standardize the entire process for you and your staff.

3. A Smart Phone Credit Card Swipe

Being able to easily make business transactions is obviously paramount to running a small business. Thankfully, you no longer have to invest in incredibly expensive infrastructure to process credit and debit card purchases. Instead, you can simply add a card swipe to your tablet or smart phone.

4. Car Checkup

Car Check up
Car Checkup is a device that can plug into the diagnostics port of any car produced after 1996. It will then produce detailed information regarding that car’s mileage. This can be very important for accurately calculating depreciation of company vehicles. The tax savings can be quite significant.

5. Quality Webcams

Teleconferencing was once a very expensive part of doing business. However, thanks to the advent of Skype, this has certainly become a thing of the past. With the use of some quality webcams, nearly any business can teleconference at any time with very little overhead.

6. A Professional Grade Firewall

These days, information is very important. For a small business this includes things like customers’ personal information, trade secrets and other sensitive data. All this digital information must be protected. Unfortunately, the built-in firewalls with most generic routers are not powerful enough to survive every situation. Instead, consider investing in a professional grade firewall for your business.

Technology can do a lot to improve the efficiency of a small business. To find out what gadgets will work best for you, examine how the different components of your operation could be improved by the introduction of new technology. If it saves you time and money in the long run, the investment will be worth it.